Helping Churches To Reach Out To The Lost

Since prayer has been taken out of school in 1962, we have had 146 mass shootings, a sexual revolution, drug abuse, child abuse, just to name a few of our moral declines. If we are going to see a change in the country, there needs to be a change of heart. We need to preach that message to everyone we come into contact with. I believe, that the reason why most Christians do not share their faith, is that they don't know how to. So I am willing to come to your church to help you train your congregation the importance of sharing their faith, and how they can do it successfully.  The only thing I ask, is that you agree to the following terms located here.

The first way that we can train the congregation is by encouraging them to use their God given talents. As I look at video's concerning the Jesus Movement of the 70's I see that musicians were on street corners, singing. We need to encourage anyone who knows how to play an instrument, sing, or professional dancing to use their talents to share Christ. We can set up concerts, where they perform, have others share their testimonies and I am willing to come and speak at your street meetings.

The second way that we can train your congregation, is on how to share one on one. There are legal ways that we can share the Gospel in America, and there are ways that we should avoid. We don't want anyone to lose their job. It is sad that can happen. Our founding fathers, wanted us to be able to share our faith, but we live in a time where that is no longer the case in certain circumstances. So it is important that the congregation, knows what to do and what they should not do.

The final way that I can help train your congregation, is by using witnessing business cards and business cards script. I have just created my first script and business card, that uses the verse of 2 Chronicles 7:14. I will be creating others in the near future that have to do with training up a child and for use during holidays. I will also be creating a tract that can go with every script. The one for 2 Chronicles is being edited by the publisher at this time. I would love to go to the streets, with your congregation, and teach them how they can share the verse, ask the hearer if they would like to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior, lead them in a sinners pray and then invite them to your church using the business cards. The tracts will be used for people that are in a rush, and do not have the time for us to share the verse at the time. All of the cards are available in the bookstore of this site.

The following is a video about Shepherd's Flock, a substance abuse program that was an induction center.  The men went on to Teen Challenge for the second phase of the program.  I was a staff member of the program, and you can see me near the end of the video.

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